How will you solve a leak in your exhaust system?


A leak in the exhaust system may cause total stop of operation and in that case, you need a solution that repairs the leak, fast and efficiently. This is why a WENCON Exhaust repair kit is a standard item in all WENCON Repair Kits.

Unique solution

The Wencon Exhaust repair kit, is a unique solution for repair of the exhaust system that can be applied when the surface is still hot, and will start curing. This will have the vessel swiftly back in operation until a more permanent repair is possible.

Apply while hot

The exhaust compound is a one component compound, simply stir the content and apply it to the damaged surface. The compound can withstand temperatures up to 1300( 2400 ), so it is possible to apply while the surface is still hot, as soon as the engine has been turned off and the crew can perform the repair.


Fast and easy repair

It is especially suitable performing temporary repairs on leaks in exhaust bellows, as the liquid form will penetrate and fill the cracks. Reinforcing the repair, can be done using the mesh wire that is included in the kit.

Read more about the Exhaust Repair Kit below, and see examples of our customers solutions, that all brought them safely to next port, where a more permanent repair solution could be performed.


We will let the images received from our customers be your inspiration.

Repair of crack in exhaust condenser
Repair of crack in Exhaust bellows
Leak sealed in exhaust system
Various leaks in exhaust systems have been sealed
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Exhaust Repair Kit

More information on the sand product specifications

Exhaust video

Video presentation of the Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit and solutions

Application report:

Full repair application report on an exhaust bellow repair.

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