Wencon UW coating lv

Wencon Sprayable UW Coating

The Wencon UW Coating LV sprayable epoxy coating is for larger areas done faster. It’s for touch-ups, repairs and for precise results.

Spray, brush or inject . It’s easy, effective and enduring.

Easy to mix, to apply, to reuse

Application done with ease

    Automatic mixing of the epoxy directly done in the dispenser makes the application process easier as ever
    Low viscosity makes it possible to spray, brush or inject the epoxy depending on the desired solution
    Didn’t use all the product? Avoid product waste as the product in the catridges can be saved and reused again if plugged once finished
Effective, precise coating saves manhours

Effective all around

    Save time when mixing, save time when applicating, save man-hours with only one man doing the job
    The mixing nozzle secures perfect mixing of the two-component epoxy as it’s mixed directly in the process
    In only 3-5 minutes the catridges will be emptied, which would cover  around 1,7 square meter and 10 square meters in 1 hour
Enduring for maintenance & repair

Made for harsh environments

    By maintaining the assets of the ship on a regular basis, the life time of the assets will be extended as well as corrosion is prevented and costs are reduced
    Repairing instead of replacing improves future demand for lowering the carbon footprint within the marine. This is suitable for touch ups and repairs for larger areas, such as pipes, propulsion areas, scrubber outlet, acid zones etc.
    Strong adhesion to all metal and GRE surfaces. Can be applied on wet surfaces and cures on wet surfaces
get ready for world class coating

Want to make your time count?

Discover the efficiency and precision of Wencon Sprayable Coating. Designed to save manhours and provide superior corrosion protection, our low viscosity epoxy coating solution maximize your productivity all the way around.

Contact us today for more information and explore the endless possibilities for optimizing your repair and maintenance tasks.

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What does UW mean?

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