Hull protection

Hull: Prevention of Corrosion

In 2016, a bulker from Maestro Shipping S.A. suffered minor damage from grounding on a sand bottom, which scraped off the paint down to bare steel in some areas. After docking for repairs and recoating, a few spots remained unpainted where supports and keel blocks had been positioned. To protect these areas, the crew applied Wencon UW Coating, saving them a second trip to the dock and preventing corrosion to the hull.

The challenge

Addressing Hull Corrosion After Grounding Incident

In 2016, a bulker from Maestro Shipping S.A. encountered a grounding incident. Fortunately, the vessel grounded on a sand bottom, resulting in only minor damage. However, the abrasive sand scraped off the paint down to bare steel in several areas on the flat bottom of the hull.

After docking for necessary minor repairs and recoating, some spots remained unpainted where the supports and keel blocks had been positioned. To address this challenge and prevent corrosion, the crew applied Wencon UW Coating to the exposed areas, effectively saving them from a second docking and ensuring the hull’s protection.

The application

3 Days To Finish The Job

The divers began by testing the Wencon UW Coating on a small steel plate, experimenting with different application methods including paint brush, roller, and spatula (see images). They eventually decided on an underwater application technique involving small plastic bags. They poured a small portion of the coating into these bags, allowing them to press the coating directly onto the surface and spread it with a spatula.

After mixing the two components, the Wencon UW Coating has a pot life of 25-30 minutes at 20°C. To manage this, they mixed the product in small batches for each dive. As seen in one of the pictures, numerous small pots of UW Coating were prepared and lined up for mixing. This approach minimized waste and made the mixing process more efficient.

The Outcome

Orange Coating Proves Effective in Underwater Repairs

“At first I thought that the bright orange colour was too bright, but after a diving inspection about 6 month after the repair, this bright orange colour actually proved to be very useful, as the diver could immediately find the areas where the repair had been carried out.

After the diver showed us the photos of the coated areas, we were impressed with the good condition and intact sealing the Wencon UW Coating has provided.”

– Michael Dannesboe from Maestro Shipping S.A.

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