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Wencon Epoxy Solutions For The Offshore Industry

Wencon delivers epoxy repair and maintenance solutions for the offshore industry. Specially designed for generel coating of pipes, pumps and tanks as well as corrosion protection of offshore areas. Extend the lifespan of your assets with protection against corrosion and cavitation in wet and humid environments.

Epoxy solutions for offshore

Offshore Corrosion Protection

Wencon epoxy products are made to protect your assets against corrosion. We believe in repairing and maintaining rather than replacing.

  • Strong curing, adhesion and protection in wet areas
  • Durable barrier against corrosion, high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance
  • Reduce downtime and manhours with repair and maintenance solutions
Spray, brush & inject

New Sprayable Coating Is Easy, Effective & Enduring

Have you seen our Wencon UW Coating LV?

It is a low viscosity coating that can be sprayed on, brushed on or injected on depending on the application area. The Wencon UW Coating LV can be done by one person, reducing expensive manhour and downtime.

Epoxy solutions for offshore

Prevent Downtime

With Wencon, you can tackle issues such as bimetallic corrosion, erosion, and structural damage, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our solutions not only prevent costly downtime but also enhance the durability and performance of your assets.

Trust Wencon to keep your offshore equipment in top condition, ready to withstand the harsh marine environment.



Inspection Holes/ Span Breakers

Cold Bonding

Splash Zone

Heat Exhangers

Sea Water Filters

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