Repair over replace

Reduce CO2 Emissions in Scope 3

In the maritime industry, addressing Scope 3 emissions is crucial for achieving sustainability goals. Scope 3 emissions, which include all indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain, can be significantly reduced by focusing on the repair rather than the replacement of parts. And we can help you with that part.

Repairs in scope 3

Repair Over Replace

Wencon’s repair epoxy products are designed to restore the functionality and integrity of various marine components, from pipes and tanks to propellers and heat exchangers.

By choosing to repair rather than replace, the maritime industry can reduce their carbon footprint in scope 3 in several ways.


Our work with Reflow

Our partnership with ReFlow enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive documentation and precise calculations on the environmental savings achieved when choosing repair over replacement.

Demonstrate environmental reponsibility

Precise CO2 calculations

Strengthen your green agenda

Promote circular economy practises

Access data and reports that highlight the CO2 savings in scope 3 gained by opting for repairs instead of new parts.

Reflow calculation

Rudderstock repair

This case study showcases the benefits of repairing a rudderstock instead of replacing it.

It’s evident that choosing repair over replacement leads to significant environmental improvements, including a reduced carbon footprint in scope 3 and extended lifespan of the selected ship equipment, in this case a rudderstock.

Sails set towards

A greener maritime future

Explore our case studies to learn how Wencon’s solutions have helped other maritime operators reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve their sustainability goals.

Gain insights and inspiration on how you can implement these practices within your own operations and make a positive impact on your green accouting.

Together, we can achieve substantial environmental benefits in the industry, promote resource conservation, while ensuring the longevity and reliability of your vessel operations.

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