Diving Company tests underwater products


On a cold October day we find ourselves standing at the harbor’s edge in Frederikshavn, looking down, and glad that we are not down there in the dark. 3.5 meters, in 10ᴼC water. Down there is the professional diver from Odin Diving A/S preparing a test of our complete line of Wencon UW products.

How did we end up here?
David Kofoed, the owner of Odin Diving A/S, based out of Frederikshavn in Denmark, was curious if he could use our products for something in his line of business.

Odin Diving A/S  is a professional diving company that performs a variety of underwater tasks, primarily in the areas of Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs on ships and platforms, as well as construction, contract jobs and harbor diving.

After using several underwater coating and filler products for over a decade, we have always thought of it as “a last resort”, as we have never been satisfied with the performance when it comes to adhesiveness in colder water, ease of application and curing time.” Says David Kofoed.

Test of all 3 UW Products 
A few days earlier, the diver had been down to hydroblast the three test areas of the harbor sheet pilling walls in preparation for the test.

David from Odin Diving wanted to see what the different products could do, how they were to apply, and how much they were cured after 4 hours and 24 hours.

Details of the test
All 3 products were applied and cured while submerged at 3,5 meters of seawater, with a water temperature of 10C.

Wencon UW Putty

Wencon UW Putty has a moldable consistency like clay, and it can be used to fill in cracks and holes. As with the two previous products, the UW putty has a gum-like consistency after 4 hrs., and  after 24 it is cured, and can not be moved or scratched with the hammer. 

Wencon UW Cream.

Like its name, this product has a cream-like texture and is best applied with a spatula and used to rebuild surfaces. It is easy to apply despite the temperature. After 4 hours it is cured to a gum texture and after 24 hours it is hard and can not be moved or scratched with the hammer.  

Wencon UW Coating

The Wencon UW Coating was tested using two application methods, first applied with a brush, then with a spatula. After 4 hours, both test areas with the coating are cured to a gum texture and after 24 hours both are cured and cannot be scratched by a hammer.

See videos of the 3 tests below: 

David and the divers are satisfied with the test results.
After testing the Wencon range of underwater products, we can say that the performance overall is far superior to any products we have tried so far. We will definitely be able to use the products for emergency small crack repairs and general corrosion treatment. Says David Kofoed.

 >> See also video of adhesion test performed by Gardit A/S on the Wencon Coating. <<

About the Wencon UW Products
The Wencon UW line of products is specifically designed to be applied and cure on wet surfaces and under water. Making it highly suitable for emergency and temporary repairs of ballast and cooling water pipes, combined with interchanging layers of our fiberglass reinforcement tape. The underwater products are also well suited for repairs and maintenance of metal surfaces, that has to be performed in areas with high humidity or in splash zones.

Read more about the products on our website:


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