Sealing Leaks on GRE Pipes


A Leak in a ballast water, – or scrubber GRE pipe system when out at sea, might be any mariner’s worst nightmare. In most cases a leak represents a dislocated fitting or pipe joint, and traditional repair methods like hot welding or a simple clamp won’t do the job, special tools are needed to seal such a leak.

Good repair solutions are in high demand as an increasing number of vessels install GRE pipes for their BWT systems and Scrubber systemsAnd being able to perform the repair while the area is still wet, is imperative for the timeframe.

Wrapping a section of the GRE Pipe

A WENCON solution for sealing a leak in a GRE pipe is based upon building a new section of pipe on the affected area.

By applying interchanging layers of Wencon Epoxy repair products combined with Wencon Reinforcement tape you essentially build a new fiber reinforced epoxy pipe on top of the old and seal in the leak.

Video: The wrapping method demonstrated

Repairs performed by the crew

This form of repair can be performed by the crew on-board. As an example, leaks in the scrubber system are one of those leaks that need to be closed off as soon as possible, to avoid acid fluid inside the ship. Such Wencon pipe wrapping process has successfully been carried out by seamen throughout the years and have been implemented as a standard repair procedure for repairing leaks on scrubber systems on more than 200 vessels worldwide.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is required prior to any application: Make sure the surface is cleaned using a marine soap or Wencon Bio Cleaner, and rinse thoroughly afterwards until all soap is gone. Thereafter roughen the surface using i.e. a rotating blaster or high grit sanding paper, to increase both chemical and mechanical bond.

Recommended products

Most GRE pipes transport water, seawater, scrubber wash water and are located in wet and humid areas. 

We recommend our Wencon UW Coating that will adhere and cure in wet and humid areas within 8-10 hrs. – and faster if heat is added to the curing process. For this purpose, we have put together a special kit designed for repairing GRE pipes.pipes. 

The GRE Pipe Repair kit comes in 3 different pipe ø sizes.


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