Wencon UW Cream is a two component cream, to be applied on wet surfaces or under water. The UW Cream is excellent for filling up holes, dents and rebuilding of surfaces which, due to high humidity, has to be done in wet conditions.

Typical applications are corroded hulls and all underwater parts of ships and structures, tanks, pipes, flange faces, etc. It is also excellent for filling up cavitation damages on hulls and rudders.
After curing Wencon UW Cream is resistant to oil, saltwater, water, most diluted acids and a range of solvents.

  • Can be applied on wet surfaces or under water
  • Cures under water and on wet surfaces
  • For filling up cavitation damages
  • Long pot-life under water
  • Strong adhesion to all metal and GRE surfaces


Key technical data

Max temperature+60- +160°C (140 - 320° F)
Mixing ratio vol.1:2
Apply withSpatula
Potlife at 20°C25-35 min. mixed in small amounts
Curing time10-18 hours
Machineability yes
Specific volume526 cm3 / kg
Dielectric strength10 KV/mm
Product numberProduct nameIMPA no.ISSA no.
No. 1014 Wencon UW Cream, 0,5 kg (1,1lb) unit 81233475.553.91


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