Wencon Solutions for planned maintenance


Wencon Solutions for dry docking, saving cost, time, and the environment when performing planned maintenance.

Repair instead of replacing
Maintenance and repair that require replacement parts, may delay a docking process considerably. Therefore, having alternative solutions to replacements, and maintaining parts continuously, during each dry-docking, can in some cases extend the lifetime by up to 10+ years, which makes good economic sense.

Avoiding high replacement costs common challenges like bimetallic corrosion, cavitation, and erosion/corrosion damages in those limited access areas, are often associated with a high replacement and labor cost.

Protection and preventative measures
Avoiding bimetallic corrosion, cavitation, and erosion/corrosion should be a goal altogether, as this will extend the life of many of these parts. We see more and more vessels will apply a protective layer of coating to new parts before installing them.

In the future, a small touch-up of any imperfections in the paint will suffice to keep the part corrosion-free for the next and many more docking inspections. 

Being prepared for the unexpected.
Despite all the well-intended planning that lies ahead of every docking, there will always be surprises when the subsiding water in the dry dock, reveals unexpected areas that need repair and refurbishment.

With a docking kit onboard prior to docking, you may specify the use of the products from the Wencon Docking kit in the Docking Specification as owners supply. Thereby bypassing delays and avoiding additional costs on those unex­pected items that may arise during dock inspection.

Circular economy in ship maintenance.
Finding new ways to reduce a vessel’s carbon footprint has become increasingly important to shipowners, making it attractive to think in circular economic terms: Prevent, repair, refurbish, instead of a linear ‘use and dispose of’ way of thinking. 

To Wencon ApS, this way of thinking has made good economic sense for more than 35 years.

Examples of dry docking repairs and maintenance


Rudderstock refurbishment and life extension


Rebuilding the surface and coating to delay erosion

All Cases

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