Protection: Scrubber wash water


Following the IMO 2020 Global Sulphur cap regulations, shipowners around the world, have been occupied with conforming and preparing their vessels.

Scrubbers form a new challenge to the shipowners who now have to handle a system with highly corrosive wash water from the scrubbing process thorough their vessel.

As such the scrubber tank is often made of high-grade stainless steel, and the pipework is constructed of GRP pipes that do provide higher resistance against the wash water. But there are still a few places where metal comes into contact with the wash water. The Scrubber overboard outlet, and the vessels hull around the outlet.

Wencon Hi-Temp coating is a solvent free epoxy coating that provides protection against the sulfuric acid content and low PH values in the wash water. 

Hull Protection around Overboard Outlet

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Wencon Hi-Temp

Wencon Hi-Temp is a high performance two-component, liquid epoxy coating.

Leaking Heating Coils

APPLICATION REPORT: full report on repairs for leaks in healing coils in tank.

Scrubber Pipe Repair Kit

The products to repair leaks in the scrubber wash water pipeline systems.


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