Wencon Distributor in strong growth


Over the past 3 years, our Singapore Distributor, Pacific Central Teknik, has grown its turnover with Wencon Sales significantly. Growing with the challenges of a worldwide pandemic.

The port of Singapore is recognized as one of the world’s busiest Transshipment ports. At any one time, there are about 1.000 vessels in port, and to Wencon, it is an essential port to have a strong presence, and this is completed through our Distributor since 2015 Pacific Central Teknik Ltd.

Bryan Ong is in charge of the distribution of Wencon solutions to his geographical market, along with his business partner Mr. P.C. Pek, they serve the marine, industrial and offshore markets with technical service for boilers and burners business since 1995.

Became a Wencon distributor by chance

It was a friend that introduced mr. Ong to Erik Wendelin, the founder of Wencon ApS, during a trade show. He found that there was a good synergy in the Wencon solutions with his existing products and market. In Singapore, his customers are both shipowners, repair shops, and ship chandlers.

For the past 3 years, the Singapore team has delivered the strongest growth results of all our distributors, so we asked him how he has managed to grow his Wencon business despite the covid pandemic?

Definitely this does affect our business, there are many restrictions over here as I am sure there are around the world, but we try to understand the customer and help them find the right solutions for their needs, and I believe that it has been the key to our success. “ says Bryan Ong.

Wencon is on a continuous quest to service the marine and offshore markets around the globe, if you are interested in what it takes to become a Wencon Distributor in your geographical market, please send us your information at

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