Scrubber Pipe Repair Kit


Scrubber pipe repair solutions for GRP/GRE and Metal Pipes

Wencon ApS has experienced an increase in demand for Scrubber pipework repair solutions. More than 100 vessels already have a scrubber pipe repair kit on board.

“ Our logistics and shipping department have been busy over the holidays, and we expect many more of these scrubber pipe repair kits’ to come, as the shipowners out there seek solutions to ensure a fast and safe return operations if a leak should occur in these newly installed scrubber systems. ” Says, Ole Eriksen, Sales Director, Wencon ApS 

Scrubber pipework: a new challenge

Scrubber pipework form a new challenge to the shipowners globally following the IMO 2020 emission requirements. The scrubber pipes are primarily constructed using GRP pipes which are resistant to the highly corrosive wash water from the scrubbing process.

GRP/GRE pipes do not corrode like metal pipes, but leaks do occur. Most often leaks are seen in the joints, sleeves or flanges, caused not by weakness in the material, but because of tension and vibrations.

Wencon UW coating has excellent adhesive qualities to both GRP and metal.

The UW coating further excels by adhering and curing in wet and humid conditions. This means a repair on a leak can be initiated immediately after the pressure is removed, and the system can be put back into operation only 6-10 hrs after the repair is completed. The curing time can be significantly reduced if heat is applied during the curing process.

Scrubber Pipe Repair Kit

The Scrubber Pipe repairs are based on our standard and very simple procedure of applying interchanging layers of Coating and Reinforcement Tape.

Each kit contains all the products needed to perform two flange repairs. 

The Wencon UW Coating is a repair solution for Scrubber Pipework, it will adhere and cure in wet and have the scrubber system operating again within 6-8 hrs. after executed repair.

See Application data sheet for similar repair on ballast pipes.

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