Repair case: Gasket causing corrosion to spread into scrubber unit


A series of sister vessels experienced similar corrosion in their scrubber system caused by a gasket containing a conductive material. The gasket was located between the scrubber shell and flange lining to the funnel. 

The conductive material in the gasket was corroding and spreading both upward, into the funnel, and down into the stainless-steel scrubber unit. It was therefore urgent to contain the gasket to prevent further spreading of corrosion into the system.

A solution

It was recommended by Wencon to repair and coat the gaskets using first Wencon Ceramic Cream, to build up the surface, and then secondly by finishing off with two coats of Wencon Hi-Temp. This will isolate the gasket and stop the corrosion from spreading further.

Mobilized to perform the repair

Gardit A/S, our service partner and professional surface treatment provider, was contracted by the shipowner to perform the application. Within 24 hrs after inspection and concluding on a solution, Gardit’s mobile repair unit was mobilized and sent to perform the repair onsite.

Time is money

Therefore time management is crucial during such repair jobs, to avoid or eliminate downtime completely. The mobile team from Gardit were able to complete the repairs on both scrubber unit in 13 hours, and the scrubber was running again after curing for 12 hrs 20ºC.

Follow-up inspection

A few days later the repair area was inspected while in another port, and it was confirmed that the repair was still fully intact.

Gardit A/S and the shipowner have allowed us to share the details of their excellent repair job along with their extensive technical documentation of the repair specification. 


Case: Gasket was spreading corrosion into scrubber units.

The corrosive element was contained using Wencon Ceramic Cream and sealed off with Wencon Hi-Temp Coating.

Gardit A/S a Wencon service partner and professional surface treatment company, mobilized their repair unit within 24hrs and was able to perform the complete repair in 13 hrs., while the vessel was in port. The coating was cured after 12 hrs and Scrubber units could be taken back into operation.

A few days later the repair area was inspected by Gardit A/S in port. The repair was performed with full technical documentation, made available in this article.

Example of full technical documentation on the repair.

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