Wencon Fixation Tools is used for repair of cracks and corrosions in tanks, leaking pit- tings and welding seams. The Fixation Tools helps to support and secure Wencon prod- ucts to the damaged part, and can be used in combination with most Wencon products.

The set contains:

2 x Fixation plates 250 mm, flat
2 x Fixation plates 250 mm, angled 4 x Anchor bolts
1 x Metal drill bit, 6,5 mm
4 x M6 Washers, big
4 x M6 Nuts
4 x M6 Wing Nuts
8 x M6 Washers

Key technical data

Product numberProduct nameIMPA no.ISSA no.
No. 2808Wencon Fixation Tools812596N/A


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