Wencon Exhaust Repair is a one-component steel cold weld product that can be used to repair cracks and holes in equipment exposed to temperatures up to 1300° C (2400°F)

Typical applications include engine heads, blocks and manifolds, as well as furnaces and boilers. Wencon Exhaust Repair is especially valuable in areas and situations where traditional heat welding cannot be accomplished.

  • Resists temperatures up to 1300° C (2400° F)
  • Resists direct flame contact
  • Repairs cracks, fills holes and pits
  • Quick cure when heated
  • One component compound – no mixing, just stir


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Key technical data

Max temperatureUp to 1300°C (2400°F)
Mixing ratio vol.No mixing. Just stir the contens before use.
Apply withSee prod. sheet
Curing time Initial curing 3-4 hours
Specific volume 330 cm3 / kg
Product numberProduct nameIMPA no.ISSA no.
No. 1070Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit, 2x250g (2x0,23 lb)81234075.553.25


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