On board repairs – more essential than ever


As the corona virus has shut down many ports and imposed strict quarantine rules on crew changes, the shipping industry has been forced to continue their operation and find new ways of solving their on-board repair needs. 

Having a Wencon Repair Kit on board makes it possible for the crew to perform a wide range of temporary repairs and protective maintenance using only a few products.

We have pre-designed a few kits, but optimally we design the kit to the needs of the vessel with a customized kit.

What’s in the kit?

Some vessels have more issues with their ballast water pipe systems, others need to be able to seal leaks in their heating coils/thermal oil/steam pipes, and some focus on the products that will seal a leak in the scrubber system GRP/GRE Pipes even in wet and humid areas. A standard part of all our kits is the Exhaust Repair Kit, a one component product that will seal a leak in the exhaust system and endures temperature up to 1300 C.

Technical support 24/7

The technical support team is currently receiving many requests from crews who are performing temporary repairs by themselves, as external contractors are not allowed to board the vessel. Our products are designed to be easy to mix, easy to apply and all kits contain an extensive user manual, with application instructions for a wide range of repairs and maintenance jobs, and we are always available for technical support 24/7.

Ballast pipes

Repairing leaks in the ballast and seawater cooling systems. This is an excellent example of the versatility of the repair method, of interchanging layers of Wencon epoxy coating and reinforcement tape.

Scrubber pipes

GRP pipes do not corrode like metal pipes, but leaks do occur. Most often leaks are seen in the joints, flanges, elbows and t-joints, caused not by weakness in the material, but because of tension and vibrations.

Exhaust system

Sealing a leak in the exhaust system, while the surface is sill hot. The Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit can withstand temperatures up to 1300 c and will quickly seal a leak, and last until a permanent repair is possible.


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