Docking: Planning for the unexpected


Months of planning lie ahead of each dry docking. It is a complicated and expensive procedure that involves inspecting every part of the vessel meticulously ahead of docking, to ensure that every task gets the attention needed to plan maintenance and repairs throughout the dry docking.

However, there are some areas of the vessel that due to limited access cannot be inspected before the dry dock. Therefore, always leaving some unknowns in each dry dock calculation.

Good economic sense
Maintenance and repair that require replacement parts, may delay a docking process considerably. Therefore, having alternative solutions to replacements, and by maintaining parts continuously, during each dry-docking, it can in some cases extend the lifetime with up to 10+ years, which makes good economic sense.

Avoiding high replacement costs
Common challenges like bimetallic corrosion, cavitation and erosion/corrosion damages in those limited assess areas, are often associated a high replacement and labor cost.

A Wencon Docking kit, is the solution for many shipowners when planning for the unexpected repairs and allows them to extend the lifetime and maintain vital parts. If the Yard doesn’t offer Wencon service already, we can arrange for the Docking Kit to be shipped ahead to the shipyard as owners supply. If specified in the dock specification shipowners, avoid delays and potentially save costs.

Typical repairs during dock
There are more than 1000 possible repairs with our products that are all Type Approved by 4 major classification societies.,

Below we have listed some of the most common repairs performed with a Wencon Docking Kit. Click on each to see the corresponding application report:   
Externally: Thruster Gear housings, Thruster Tunnels, Propeller Nozzle, Scrubber outlet, rudders, stabilizers and rudderstock etc.

Internally; seawater filters, pumps and valves, cooler end covers and valves that are in need of maintenance.

See more application examples here

All of the above repairs can be completed with a few products and within a few days. The kit includes our Wencon User Manual with more than 60 unique repair specifications. It is our experience that there is nothing left of the docking kit after the docking, as the crew will find good use for the products during docking.

Customized Docking Kit
Be prepared for your next docking, contact us with the specific details on our vessel, and we will assist you with customizing a Wencon Docking Kit that suits your needs.

Customized Docking kit

Contact us with the specific details on our vessel

Docking Kit Standard

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Docking Kit Extended

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