Webinar on: Wencon Solutions for scrubber systems



If you do not have vessels with scrubber systems installed, this webinar is probably not interesting for you….

But if you do, you already know that GRE pipes do fail and leak, that overboard outlets and exhaust gas washing systems corrode in ways and with speeds that call for fast, imaginative, and durable solutions.

In this webinar, we talk about solutions that allow the crew to repair leaks in GRE Pipes, on wet and humid surfaces, that are fast curing, and allow you to have the scrubber back online in only 8 hours.

We talk about the issues that we generally meet in regards to corrosion caused by the acidic wash water cocktail, that extends throughout the entire scrubber system; from the demister unit and all the way to the hull side of the vessel.

When: 9th of November, at 11 UTC.
Duration: 15 -20 minutes. 


The Expert

Thomas Rosenkjær is our technical support manager. He is an expert in creative, imaginative, and durable solutions. With more than 30 years as a Shipyard Technical Manager, he has seen it all and fixed most problems.

The Speaker 

Bo Pedersen, is our Sales Manager in charge of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the UK, and Poland.
He will take you through the most common issues he meets with his customers What are their issues, and what solutions can Wencon offer?


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