On-site repair and maintenance

Minimise costs on your budget and reduce downtime by using our epoxy compounds. Rebuilding and protection with Wencon products extend life of your parts significantly, and we therefore see our customers move towards rebuilding and reusing their machine parts instead of replacing.

We are committed to provide technical support and on-site assistance tailored to our customer´s specific needs, and we believe that our sustainable solutions will add value to any situation.

On-line applications
In order to help you to be able to perform your repair job, we have created applications, which give you a short introduction in how to apply our products. Use our on-line applications, that will guide you through the repair job step by step.

Global network of Partners
Shipments are made from Denmark by our global network of shipping companies. Through our global network of Distributors and Workshops we also support technical assistance throughout any repair and maintenance situation.


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