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This area of the partner portal contains internal information about WENCON. It is meant to be a tool to support the training provided by our technical and commercial departments that will help you understand Wencon’s vision on the marine and offshore industries. In this knowledge sharing platform you will find downloadable materials and  online explanatory videos.

Introduction module

Understanding wencon

Understand the basics about our website and WENCON as a company. Product line, WENCON manual and WENCON system.

Website visit video and company powerpoint

5 lessons - 35 minutes
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Product line and application

Get to know our product line and application process

We will present our product line using the samples pencil case. You will be able to better understand the difference between volume capacity and weight. Video of the general application process.

Pencil case video, volume vs weight and general application

3 lessons - 15 minutes
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surface preparation

The importance of surface preparation

The most important step when bringing a solution to a client is step one, SURFACE PREPARATION.

Surface preparation video and pdf

2 lessons -10 minutes
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Training power points

Understand technical and commercial visions

Technical introduction starting from the deterioration of the metals, how to protect and prolong their life. Commercial presentation where we will understand the value of Wencon solutions.

Technical and commercial power points

2 lessons - 3 hours
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Product calculator

How to calculate the correct amount of product

Explanatory video and calculator Excel file to generate quantities and associate them to specific applications.

Calculator Video and Excel

2 lessons -10 minutes
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our webinars

Recorded webinars

Have a look at our webinars where we present how WENCON solutions proved to be beneficiary and time savers compared to ordinary methos.


3 lessons - 80 minutes
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application methods

Learn about mixing ratios and application methods

Series of product videos with surface preparation, mixing ratios and application methods.

Online videos

11 lessons - 30 minutes
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wencon uw coating

product video

WENCON UW presentation video for commercial use and diverse applications of the product.


3 lessons - 15 minutes
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