Emergency and temporary repairs

Be insured against downtime with a Wencon Repair Kit on board your vessel. The Repair Kit equips you with a first aid kit for performing emergency and temporary repairs, when needed. The Repair Kit covers most aspects of emergency repair and long lasting maintenance and is suitable for vessels, where repairs and minor maintenance are carried out frequently.

Thousands of vessels and offshore units are carrying our Repair Kit on board, and are ready for unexpected situations.

Refilling procedure
Optimise your investment, by using our refilling procedure for the Repair Kit and make your crew able to perform maintenance jobs on board. For more information on our refilling procedure, please contact our sales department.

Customised Repair Kit
Choose between one of our 4 standard Repair Kits or compose your own customised Kit to fulfil your precise requirements. To compose the optimal Kit for your needs, there are some basic parameters to take into consideration;  vessel type, size and age.

Please contact us, if you need help in composing a Repair Kit, that makes your crew able to do most maintenance repairs themselves.


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